At Nottingham Saabs' Performance Centre we are experts in tuning your Saab to provide unique performance and safety.

The power enhancements will give faster acceleration, better torque and higher top speed. That improved acceleration provides safer and quicker overtaking, plus refining the aerodynamics, traction and improving the brakes will enhance the stability and road holding of the car.

All of this is possible because Saab is a unique car. The well dimensioned main construction is more than enough to handle the increased power without any loss of safety from a result of specialist reprogramming and adjustment of the engine control system.

We have 3 'stages' of upgrades that give an easily understood power progression format. Thereafter, other hardware is either required or recommended, you will need better fuelling etc and all our packages are fully developed to ensure that you new power level is achieved both safely and reliably...

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About Us

Nottingham Saab was established in 2004 by Weston Moore AMIMI, a Saab Master Technician, with over 30 years of Saab main dealer experience.

Wes has always been a keen Saab advocate - whether that be fixing, building, tuning or racing them. That pure enthusiasm has helped to build Nottingham Saab into one of the most reliable Saab specialists in the region.

Backed by an excellent team of highly trained Saab mechanics you are assured to get the care your vehicle needs at a price to suit your pocket.